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Sightseeing tips on Usedom: Usedom for pier walkers and local museum visitors

The Kaiserbad Ahlbeck resort offers a wealth of interesting and charming attractions. Probably one of the most well-known is the 280-metre long pier dating back to Wilhelmian times, which is also the oldest in continental Europe. By the way: The pier is probably Usedom's most-photographed motif. Pleasure boats to the other resorts and to Poland regularly dock at the pier.

Along the beach promenade, you can admire the impressive villas in the style of Baltic Sea architecture. The impressive Meeresmuseum (Sea Museum) in the nearby Hanseatic city of Stralsund is one of the most visited museums in the region. Heimatmuseum in Zinnowitz reveals interesting details about the history of the Baltic Sea island and the vegetation.

And in Peenemünde you can find the Heeresversuchsanstalt (Army Research Centre), in which the V1 and V2, that were later used in space rocket technology, were developed. The former military base has been a museum since 1990 and houses, for example, the U-Boot- und Phänomensmuseum (Submarine and Phenomena Museum) and the Historisch-Technische Informationszentrum (Historical and Technical Information Centre). For nature fans, the Naturschutzzentrum in Karlshagen (Nature Protection Centre) provides interesting facts about the regions flora and fauna.



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The 3 imperial baths
Heringsdorf, Bansin

Resort architecture and fine sandy beaches are the specific features of the coastal resorts.

The Usedom amber

At the narrowest point of the island there are the four Usedom amber baths Zempin, Koserow, Loddin and Ückeritz.

The Achterland

The hilly Achterland offers fantastic views over meadows and forests to Achterwasser and Peenestrom.

The Historical
Information Centre
(HTT) Peenemunde

The most famous tourist destination on the island of Usedom. The exhibition informs about the former military research center and their consequences.

Lyonel Feininger

The Art Cabinet Usedom in Benz shows the first Feininger Art Print, which is ever emerged from a Usedom motif of the artist Lyonel Feininger.

Usedom - dream
island for fishing

Quiet bays or rough seas, perch or sea trout - the possibilities on Usedom make the heart of fishing beginners beat faster thanks to the tourist fishing permit.

Biking, hiking,
carriage rides

Pine forests, meadows and lakes - beyond the beaches of the Baltic Sea the island of Usedom offers a unique flora and fauna.

Boat tours

To Poland or the neighboring island of Rügen.

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